Newspaper, Radio & RIP.IE Notices


The family of the deceased generally decide to put a death notice in one of the popular newspapers such as the Irish Independent, the Irish Times, the Irish Examiner or the Evening Herald. This notice will include important information about the deceased such as time of death, place of death, family members and details of funeral arrangements. The style, details and length of the death notice is discussed in private with the funeral director during the arrangement process. Many families decide not to provide a newspaper notice however this decision lies with the family of the deceased.


Death notices of deceased are also read out on the local radio stations at the request of the family, popular stations locally include KCLR Fm, Midlands Radio and Tipp Fm. This notice will contain important information about the deceased and the funeral arrangements. is a hugely popular website in Ireland which contains all death notices across the country. The family of the deceased have the option of publishing a family death notice on the website to allow people to view the details of funeral arrangements & important information about your loved one who has passed away. This notice is also discussed with the funeral director to decide on the details, length and style of the notice.